2011 Season Outline

Okay…here’s how my season will generally layout….at least at this point 🙂

Beginning on Jan. 3:

  • 14 weeks of Base/OutSeason
  • 12 weeks, Race prep for Vancouver Half Iron, with 1 or 2 prep races
  • 4-6 weeks, transition and general prep
  • 12-14 weeks, Race prep for Ironman Florida

In the first 14 weeks, I’ll be working around some work commitments, before, during and after a convention in the beginning of February, and then a planned vacation in the 3rd week in March.

I already have my detailed workouts in my TrainingPeaks log, ready to go for the beginning of the year, up to the convention on Feb. 4.  Based on how that initial 4+ weeks goes, we’ll lay in the next 5 week period up to the March vacation.

In general terms for January, each week:

  • Jan. 3 Threshold test for bike, and Jan. 5 Threshold test for run to establish benchmarks
  • Bike: 3x a week, mainly ‘short and fast’…like main set 95-100% of FTP
  • Run: 4x a week: includes 2 short bricks off the bike + 2x short and fast
  • Swim: 1x lesson/drills, 1x short and fast

Largely following the Endurance Nation protocol, my workouts in January will primarily be Short and Fast.  As a result, my training weeks during the month will only total about 5-6 hours for the bike and run portion, and another 1:30’ish for the swim side…and maybe a bit of yoga in there to stretch things out…so 7-8 hours a week.

I’ll be focused on improving my Functional Threshold Power (FTP) on the bike, my vDOT on the run, and improving my Stroke Rate (SR) on the swim, while maintaining, and improving form.

Adjustments, of course, based on how things are going…more details to follow.

Wondering what Daughter Lisa is up to, I have some new information…to be posted shortly.

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