2 beers…too many?

Following up with my recent alcohol-containment-initiative, I kept it to 2 beers at the local pub tonight…Saturday night after-all…they have 2 glass sizes…14 and 20 oz.

I always select the 14 oz. size, not so much for moderation but so that I can try different ones, without a 20 oz. commitment…they have 24 beers on tap, and more than that in the bottle…and always switching in new ones.

Entering those 2 scrawny beers into my Food Diary, and it still dunned me with the following…including the frown face:

🙁 You consumed 33g of alcohol, which exceeds the maximum recommendation for men (28g).  Alcohol can increase your appetite and decrease the metabolism of fat.  It also decreases testosterone levels, which can harm the muscle-building process.

Dang…well, I’m going to call that close enough for a Saturday night out.

Feels like a good example of ‘triathlon lifestyle’…in this instance it means that there are actually age-group triathlete’s like myself that think about, and adjust, and even write about whether 2 beers is too much when they’re focusing on nutrition in the off-season, and looking to shed off a few pounds before getting the exercise ramped up again…of those of you that know me, I’ve definitely been known to have more than 2 beers on an evening and not even think about it…although maybe I should be.

Sounds a bit weird when I write it down…but it happens to be true…even with Ironman Florida a year away, the date on the calendar is a motivator for me that reaches out to even today…a year away…okay…I know I’m scaring you…I’ll stop now.

…and for an offsetting opinion, Daughter generally shakes her head at my focus most of the time 🙂

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