A shout-out to one of the latest Ironmen to join the ‘family’ – Patrick Okens!

A huge congratulations to my friend Patrick Okens, who just completed his first Ironman at the grueling Ironman Canada in an extraordinary 11:08:14 – with – a NEGATIVE SPLIT on his marathon! Totally inspiring! 

Patrick had a fun idea of ‘dedicating’ each mile of his marathon to a friend or family member… I chose Mile 23 for the following reason:

“..because that’s where I almost quit in IM florida.. sat down in a spectator’s chair.. and had some volunteers tell me to get my *ss in gear because I wasn’t going to quit on their watch”

Patrick’s post IMC race report on  Mile 23:

“Turns out you picked the mile (23) which was pretty much one of my greatest athletic experiences ever. I was very conservative to half-way, then started on the Pepsi from mile 14 and began passing people. By mile 19 it looked like an unheard-of negative split might be possible, and from mile 21 I committed to make it happen. Into Penticton’s Main street by 23 I was running ‘for real’, concerned about puking, but smiling from the rush. Did the second half 2 minutes faster than the first. Just an awesome feeling.”

Mile 23 thanks you Patty-O for bringing it’s dignity back 🙂

Congrats! Enjoy a well-deserved celebration!

PS. This is a picture stolen from facebook of Patrick’s ankle about a month before the race, after a running accident…quite the recovery I would say!


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