Alcohol and Diet

Alcohol is a diet killer that’s for sure.   As a reminder for _each_ drink, in round numbers:

Beer (12oz):                150 calories          (16oz pint):         200 calories
Light beer (12oz):       100 calories          * best diet choice…tastes so lousy I can’t drink more than 1
Wine (5oz):                 100 calories          (8oz glass):         160 calories    
Vodka (1.5oz)             100 calories          (3oz ‘martini’):     200 calories

and of course, have more than 1 drink, and it all multiples…ouch when you go to enter it into a daily food log…like I just did from last night

…extended conversation with Daughter last night led to exceeding my daily calorie goal via extra glass…or was it 2…of wine…was pouring without ‘measuring’

Five days of no exercise, and therefore no exercise calories burned, really highlights the negative affect of alcohol calories.

With my non-exercise, sedentary BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) calculated be to be roughly 2,000 calories a day…this is the total number of calories that I need in order to maintain my current weight…2 pints of beer is 20% of my daily calorie ‘budget’…3 pints, 30%…my food diary screams if/when those numbers go in. 

In the ‘season’ when I’m burning an extra 1,000-2,000 exercise calories a day on average…and BIG days, 5-6,000 calories, the impact is more ‘hidden’…although then you take the veil away, and look at the numbers, alcohol…with it’s total lack of any nutrition…is a real waste of a calorie budget…and makes it _really_ tough to get some weight off.

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