Anniversary today!

yes…today is the day that we celebrate 14 years of wedded bliss 🙂

It was a busy week last week…Iron blogging about my vegan diet, ramping up the exercise to over 8 hours of good sweat, and yes there’s that work thing that still shows up every day.

…and on my first non-vegan day back (Monday), on a recovery day, so only 30 minutes of yoga, found that I did go back to egg whites in the morning…and salmon for dinner…and did keep in a couple of vegan week discoveries: white beans and bread, and chickpeas in my spinach salad

…dinner with a glass of wine was an on-the-money 603 calories with 39.2 grams of protein (26%), on a day that ended up as 1,963 calories and 88.3 grams of protein (17%)…a number balance that I couldn’t get close to on my vegan diet.

So today is our Anniversary…planning to get in an early workout…60 minutes on the bike, and moving up the intensity…staying optimistic as I’m ‘coming back’…squeezed into a rather busy work day with a few conference calls and a training Webinar.

…then a little romantic afternoon and dinner with my sweet and beautiful wife of 14 years, and back at it tomorrow 🙂

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