another day off from exercise…what’s with that!!!

Yeah…Monday…took another day off

2nd day off from exercise in the same month…last day off was 3 weeks ago…too much fun that time 🙂

This time, in deference to recovery…in the few days before my killer Saturday workout, I was feeling a bit of a scratchy throat…and had been hitting some High Intensity Training (HIT) weeks…and decided to do the Saturday workout anyway…which I did…great training day

…anticipating that I may need a few days off after it to let the throat thing get sorted out

So Sunday, the throat was still a bit scratchy…Monday…a bit of congestion, throat felt a bit better…no fever…just not ‘right’…and I’ve had a pattern in the past where sore throat turns into cold/congestion and then exits…so I took the day off to see what’s going on…ok…20 minutes on the mountain bike for some fresh air…but I _won’t_ log it…well maybe…too funny anyway

With 6 weeks out from Ironman, it wouldn’t hurt me to take a few easy days to recover from whatever’s going on…I could keep my bike and run in maintenance mode for a week, and probably not lose anything…in fact some may say, even without the congestion thing, a few easy days/week is a good thing in a training plan 🙂

…I’m not sure though that my swimming can stand much of a break…really wanted to get in some longer stuff this week to get the swim in line with the bike and run training…sadly it’s the breathing thing in swimming that is impacted the most with a head cold/cough…sigh

Slept well…throat not scratchy this morning (Tuesday)…morning congestion though, with associated cough…not bad though…no fever…so with a planned long run today…2.5 hours with some Z3 intervals…I’ll put on the shoes and head out to see how it feels…keep it shorter and lighter than plan…and see how I feel about a swim on Wednesday morning.

…and my wife in her quest for attention…in competition with 15-20 hour training weeks, and extra work time last week and this, rolling out a new software program… is lobbying hard for a trip to New York this weekend, claiming that’ll take care of the ‘spousal attention’ top-up between now and Ironman

…in terms of ‘spousal attention’ I know enough to know that it’s never enough…but may get the trip in anyway if the last-minute deals look good…busy life 🙂


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