Professional bike fit today…always a great idea

Taking my own advice…a few fitting links there as well to give you some ideas:

I updated my bike fit today with a ‘Retul’ bike fit with Bruce Guild in Mooresville, NC

I decided to go to Bruce for a few reasons:

  • I love technology, and had read about the Retul Motion Fitting system for years…just never anyone close that had it setup…had even considered some heavy travel to get a Retul fit done…just never pulled the trigger
  • Bruce has a big long fitting experience
  • and in this past year setup a stand-alone business that _only_ does bike fits…well just about _only_…but that’s the BIG primary focus
  • …and only a 25 minute bike ride away

I figured it was all a very good combination

…turned out to be very worthwhile… a more detailed post to follow with the results

…here’s a 5 minute video overview explaining how the Retul fit is done…a bit overly ‘promotional’, but gives you an idea of the process…my fit took almost 3 hours today…so if somebody is ‘fitting’ you by putting your bike on a trainer, having you pedal for a few minutes…making some adjustment…having you pedal for a few more minutes…telling you that you look good, and you’re back in your car 30 minutes later…you probably didn’t just have a professional bike fit 🙂

I’d encourage anyone that hasn’t had a professional bike fit to get one…particularly if it’s been ‘never’…once a season is not too often, since bodies change, injuries can change how we pedal…we may be favoring one side over another without even knowing it…stuff like that

…when the weekly mileage starts to notch up, a professional bike fit makes a BIG difference , to performance, efficiency, comfort and injury prevention…what’s not to like 🙂

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