Bike Functional Threshold test today

So here it is…the beginning of the New Year…and as good a time as any to set the benchmarks to track improvement over the year…never a good time to get started…so it’s a ‘just do it’ day 🙂

Since most of my training on the bike will be inside on the trainer for the next few months, I’m going to do the test on my tri-bike setup on the static trainer.

Today’s Workout: Bike
60 Minutes 
Warm Up: 10-15′ (minutes), 3 x 30″ (seconds) (30″) (rest interval) SpinUps, in aerobar then 3 x 2′ (1′) Zone 3 (effort: 3 out of 5):

Time trial to set Functional Threshold: Endurance Nation testing protocol
2 x 20′ (2′). Record each 20′ segment as interval + Upload workout to WKO+. Create one range that includes both 2 x 20 intervals and the 2′ rest interval, for a total of 42′. Normalized watts for range is your Functional Threshold.

So this means _HARD_ 20 minutes, followed by 2 minutes easy, then _HARD_ for another 20 minutes…the Power Meter on the bike calculates the ‘Normalized Power’ for the 42 minutes total.

Always easier to predict after the fact, so I’ve posted this before my test.  My only real guidance are a few recent, shorter workouts:

  • Dec. 14: 3 x 6 minutes: 235, 231, 236 Watts, and Heart Rate on the last one got to 144, so for me mid Zone 4 (139-147)
  • Dec. 18: 2 x 10 minutes: 234 Watts average for each, and Heart Rate on the 2nd one got to 147, so for me, the high end of Zone 4

Since the test is supposed to be an all-out effort, I’m thinking my target is around 230+ Watts…so I’m going to start the test around 230 Watts and see what happens over the first 20 minutes…if I’m still intact at the 10 minute mark, I’ll move it up a notch, or if fading, bring it down a bit…the idea is not to fade off by the end, but end up with a level that’s sustainable over the entire 2 x 20 minutes….best is even watts all the way through…since I don’t have much experience on this testing level, probably will be tough to really nail it the first time out.

If you don’t have a Power meter, the test is done as 40 minutes _HARD_ …as if racing…after  warm-up…your average Heart Rate for the 40 minutes is your LTHR (Lactate Threshold) and the benchmark for Heart Rate based training.

Stay tuned for my results 🙂

For more details on Functional Threshold click here:

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