Bike intact.. Confidence – not so sure!

Well as Irondad has proved today – sport is always a bit of a gamble.

I’m sure we can come up with a million different examples of the Gods of Luck having a field day  – and no matter how much prep you put into a race.. sometimes.. it’s just not your day.

But of course, as the much-wiser-than-I would argue – the more you prepare, the less variables you have to worry about. I am only guessing that my dad is not losing sleep tonight about his ability to finish the race because of his training preparations. I – on the otherhand – am starting to sweat a bit as I review my training numbers over the past 12+ weeks that I have been ‘seriously’ training. Not that they’re anything to shake a stick at – on any one weekend I was riding 4+ hours, swimming 75+ minutes and running 2+ hours……… or minus. But then I remember how long that course actually is. If you haven’t done it before – it’s long. Very. Very. Long. Longer than you think. And if you have done it before – then you realize that its even longer than you probably remember.

Not impossible. Just long. Especially at my speed!

I was out on my last long run on Sunday thinking – this is MY speed. If I can just `settle in` to this speed for 42.2K.. and just keep moving.. it would be a grand success. No desire to push it. If I`m running faster than planned, then I`ll just walk longer on my walk breaks. Then I`ll finish without the visit to the hospital – maybe I`ll be downgraded to the finish-line medical tent… a win-win! But the psychology of knowing that even after 3 hours of running in training.. there would still be more on race day (preceded by a bike and swim).. it starts to make one question their preparations.

So yes – I gambled a bit more than Irondad on training (OK, a lot more).. but it sounds like race-day is going to play-out in an equally exciting way. Now of course – with Irondad`s `jesting`about the bike situation.. I know there`s a plan B.. and C and D. And even if he was on the Walmart special he would still school me. Because it really isn`t all about the bike.

Trust your training, hope for the best, prepare for the worst, but most importantly – enjoy the journey!!

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  1. Anne Boone says:

    It helps to know that other folks are sweating whether they’ve trained enough. I’m mainly worried about the swim. At the beginning of the summer I swore I was going to spend more time in the water. I haven’t. About the same as last year…averaging 3 miles/week. When I did Kona in 1987, I was swimming 5-6 miles/week. At least you’re a good swimmer, so you don’t have to worry as much about that one. I actually worry that i won’t make the swim cut off. I only made it by 3 minutes last year. Lord, that was too close. I finally got on the bike and almost wrecked in the first mile, I was so shook up.

    I was also dreaming of KQing, but I’m thinking now I’ll probably be third out of the 3 women in my AG. The other two are really good.

    I like your last sentence. I can only give it my all and enjoy the journey.

    Now, if we can just get your Dad a solid bike in time for the race…jeez, what am I whining about??????

    • Dad says:

      Anne, like you, I’d love to be faster on that swim…but I’m not going to get any faster in the next 2 weeks 🙂
      …I do know that if I just keep moving my arms, with form as smooth as possible, at what has become my relaxed stroke rate, and not try to be ‘faster’…because I’ve proven to myself that whatever extra speed I get isn’t worth the extra effort…that I will get through the swim
      …as you will 🙂

    • Daughter says:

      Anne, the ‘good’ news is that there’s not too much we can do about it now.. so we’ll just have to trust that the time we put in will be enough to get us across that finish line feeling strong. Of course, there’s a lot we can do to ruin our chances between now and the race.. so my plan is to keep my hand sanitizer close (lots of sick colleagues in the office this week!), stay relaxed, get organized before I leave on Saturday, and enjoy the fun and frivolity in the lead-up to Nov 5! Looking forward to meeting you!

  2. Dad says:

    Lisa, reminds me of an old saying: How do you eat an elephant?…one bite at a time

    For years and years I was fascinated by the enormity of ‘Ironman’ and how unbelievable it was that people could actually accomplish it…sort of like some type of urban legend hoax where a few people were in on the joke, ‘pretending’ that there were people that actually did a race like that…and then laughing their butts off that you actually believed it 🙂

    Of course, you have the huge advantage of already being an Ironman…may raise a few extra demons in your head…but will also add the confidence that you _can_ do it…and this year on your terms 🙂

    • Daughter says:

      Very true – just have to resolve that I’ll be out there for the majority of the day, and figure out how to keep my impatient mind busy!! Any good jedi-mind tricks?

      • Dad says:

        Luckily I have my dashboard of electronic metrics to constantly monitor power, pace, cadence and another dozen things that I can muster up in different ‘views’…and joints that are creaking and muscles that are singing to me constantly, so I’m listening and adjusting depending on the urgency and validity of their message

        …I’m guessing a focus on nutrition and hydration are the watchwords for this IM…I will eat…I will drink…I will pee 🙂

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