Breaking news…Cervelo to replace frame…new bike tomorrow!

Now that my friends is what I call snappy customer service! 🙂

In speaking with John at Cool Breeze Cyclery, he confirmed that he’ll have my new Cervelo P2 ready tomorrow (Wednesday) night.

A _very_ impressive response time from Monday discovery of a warranty issue to bike replaced by Wednesday.

…as it turns out John had the same frame size P2 in stock, and due to the tight timing of my upcoming race, Cervelo agreed to allow the frame from inventory to be used for the replacement, rather than following the ‘standard’ warranty replacement procedures and timeframes

…rather startling actually when as consumers we’ve come to expect poor service as the norm…and therefore even ‘normal’ service stands out as extraordinary

…on the rare occasion when we see extraordinary service…like we’ve seen here from both Cervelo and Cool Breeze Cyclery…it just begs for an even higher level of kudos

About the best I can do is make sure that our regular readers + the few thousand folks a month that visit our blog know about it, and that when you Google things like ‘cervelo warranty’ or  ‘cool breeze cyclery service’ or ‘review’ that our thanks and positive comments are there to seen

…I’ll write a wrap-up post once the bike is completed, and would encourage you to drop a positive note or rating review into your social network channels, or forums as you see the topic come up, and reference the story as appropriate

And now back to the business at hand…since a new frame begs for new cables, there will still be a modest break-in period as they stretch a bit in the first few 100 miles, so will need some final adjustment before the race…and may still have some shifting issues…although with the flat course, I shouldn’t have too much of a problem…of course that’s a minor issue compared to trying to figure out a substitute bike solution

…and geez…a new frame…new technology…better power transfer…should be stiffer…should be faster…cool 🙂


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