Busy Work / Light Exercise week…TGIF!

It’s been a _very_ busy work week and I’ve had a lingering cold, that now appears almost gone…good news…so I used the double opportunity to have a _very_ productive work week…and decided to take it easy on the exercise thing, and plan to pick it up Saturday through Wednesday again, before flying out to the west coast for my convention on Thursday

…I don’t _feel_ stressed…just pressing through to get everything done that I want to have done…but I ‘know’ that I’m under stress…busy work thing…lingering cold…hamstring issue…wife _still_ recovering from hand surgery…so I eased back on the exercise this week so that I wasn’t totally piling on, and entering into next week behind in the body/brain stress balance…life happens…seems I wrote about ‘juggling plates’ at the beginning of this month 🙂

…this convention is one of the few times a year that I actually put on a tie for a few days…and find out whether my indestructible Brooks Brothers Brook Ease convention suit still fits from last year…this suit is _amazing_ you can live in it for a week, and it looks like it just came back from the cleaners every day…you could stuff it into a tight ball into a small zip lock bag, come back in a year, open the bag, and it will spring out as if it were brand new…I always wonder what it’s really made of…some kind of ‘Ironman’ material…

The convention runs through next weekend to the following Tuesday…although the frantically busy days are Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  My primary exercise for those 3 days will be walking…and not enough to offset the uptick in party foods, drinks and dinners.

I’ll still be on the west coast Wednesday through Sunday…my wife coming out to join me _after_ the convention…she doesn’t really like being around me when I’m heavily focused on something else other than her…and taking a few days R&R, before another very busy 2-3 weeks following up after the convention.

I’m also hoping that the extra time off from anything hard this week, will have given my tweaked hamstring time to get healed up a bit, and _hopefully_ will decide to behave, without any further annoyance…just knowing that ‘hammies’ can be a _long_ healing process…optimistic, but I’m fatally flawed that way 🙂

So TGIF!…squeezed as much productivity as I could out of the week…very happy with the results…and will take the weekend cleaning up notes, updating databases, creating demos and talking presentations to get up on the web, preparing sign-up forms for new accounts and partners to go out on Monday in preparation for next weekend…and then hit it hard again on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, getting my appointments all confirmed, and the inevitable last-minute requests handled from our marketing partners that will be displaying and presenting our products at the convention…got tired just writing that paragraph.

…so time to throw a few lamb chops on the BBQ, nice glass of wine, give the wife a little attention, get to sleep a bit earlier tonight, and hit it again in the morning

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