Caloric Intake Timing During the Day

Going back to Matt Fitzgerald and his book Racing Weight for a minute, let’s look at his general recommendations for how to balance calories eaten during the day…the timing of exercise moves this around a bit.

Many authors that focus on endurance athlete’s, really focus their timing recommendations based on the timing of exercise throughout the day…and therefore, their recommendations are more purely focused on Before-During-Immediately After exercise, and then the rest of the day fit around that….Matt also addresses these adjustments, so I’ve extrapolated his chart to create a basic baseline that I think is still instructive…or more properly, a good reminder for myself.

I’ve added my notations based on my 2,000 (no exercise) and a 3,000 (with 1,000 calories of exercise) calorie diet budget…I added a 1,500 calorie column for the tinier folks in the same range as my Daughter:

Percentage of Daily Calories1,500 Calorie Budget2,000 Calorie Budget3,000 Calorie Budget
Breakfast: 20-25%300-375 400-500 600-750
Morning snack:10% 150 200300
Lunch: 20-25%300-375 400-500 600-750
Afternoon snack:10% 150 200300
Dinner: 20-25%300-375 400-500 600-750
Optional evening snack: 5% 75 100150

Many authors…particularly authors of ‘diet books’ note that too often the tendency is to eat too lightly during the day…especially breakfast…and then hit it too hard at dinner, and end up feeling miserable, and even perhaps overshooting the goal for the day…balance and consistency produces a much more even energy day….in a later blog, I’ll outline my typical daily pattern.

You can read more from Matt Fitzgerald at …type in Matt in the Search box…or buy one of his 17 books including this one

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