Charleston is going ‘hegan’

Tri Buddy David Quick wrote an interesting article for his column in the Post and Courier a few days ago about the “Rise of the ‘hegans'”

I presume that he declined a mention of Pamela Anderson on his notable vegan list since he was focused on the male/meat connection :) 

David notes:

Last year, The Boston Globe even coined another term — “hegan” — to describe the trend of middle-age men who eat a plant-based diet, often to the exclusion of animals and animal byproducts, or veganism, but are disinclined to proselytize or join the ranks of veganism’s often edgy ethos.

Many are doing it more for health reasons than for animal welfare or environmental reasons, though the latter two can be added incentives.

very interesting…and an article that comments on the ‘hegan’ label…apparently it stirred some controversy when initially coined:

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