Daughter’s Training Schedule

Vancouver Friends!

I will be updating my training schedule weekly since I don’t have a club to train with nor a coach – and I would love to see ya’ll more often and could use every inch of motivation I can get! As of Tuesday April 5th I start training ‘full time’: 6 days/week, 9 workouts (plus or minus) working towards the Subaru 1/2 Ironman in Vancouver on July 3, 2011 (which you can still register for if you’re interested!!!)

If you’d like to join me for a workout….. leave a msg or drop me an email. I’m sure I will come up with a better formula for this, as I anticipate my ‘plans’ will change regularly and/or last minute.. but we’ll start here for now and hopefully get into a regular routine.

Week of Monday April 4th

  • Monday April 4th – Day Off
  • Tuesday April 5th  7am – Swim @ Hillcrest Pool (45mins) / 6:15pm – Run Clinic @ Running Room (30 minutes *Pre-paid clinic.. but you can always tag along for the run!
  • Wednesday April 6th – 6:15pm – Spin Class @ Riley Park (75 mins)
  • Thursday April 7th – 7am – Swim @ Hillcrest Pool (1 hour) 5:30pm – Run in Richmond (30 minutes)
  • Friday April 8th – 6:30am – Spin Class @ Riley Park (45 mins) / 6:00pm – Swim @ Hillcrest Pool (1hour)
  • Saturday April 9th – 9am – Long Bike Ride (1hr30min) start in Marpole ** Would love some friends on this one!!!
  • Sunday April 10th 8:45 – Long Run (18km/2:15) start @ Broadway/Fir @ Running Room

Hope to hear from you!


4 Responses to Daughter’s Training Schedule

  1. Elsie Kwiatkowski says:

    Dear Lisa,
    Good luck,and I wish you well as you set out to train for this big race.Please take care of yourself,and listen to your body.
    Love,from Grandma.

  2. Dad says:

    sooo, how’s it going?

    • Daughter says:

      Oh – it’s going! A bit sore from a 20km run + hockey semi-final yesterday! 1/2 Marathon is coming up quickly (May1) and am managing around 6-7 workouts each week, plus hockey.. but once the 1/2 and Hockey are over hopefully I can hit more swim and bike workouts.
      Are you intact from the tornado?!

      • Dad says:

        lots of tornadoes in NC that’s for sure…missed this area though, so still standing
        – be interesting to see how much fitness crossover from hockey to biking

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