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Look DadI A blog post!

Dad’s latest blog post about the ‘food plate’ guidelines inspired me to consider my ‘lifestyle plate’ in the last few weeks leading up to the Vancouver 1/2 Ironman.. and to evaluate how much real estate on that plate my training has been given. As you can see by my graphic rendition – it’s not looking good. The only thing getting less attention than training is my blogging – which didn’t even make the scale!

For anyone tuned into NHL hockey; you will know that my Vancouver Canucks are now 1 game away from clinching the Stanley Cup which this city is enormously preoccupied with, including yours truly. This Cup run hasn’t been all that great for not only my training, but has also taken a hit on my wallet and waistline! The good news is we are no more than 4 days away from a historic win for the ‘Nucks, add on a couple of parade and hang-over days.. and I’m back! Just in time for a taper towards the race 🙂

How long do you need to train for a race anyways? I have, what? 22 days! That’s practically a month! Plus I have a 1/2 marathon race under my belt already this season.. and a sprint triathlon, so my transitions are pretty tuned…this should be a piece of cake with a little hard work and focus! Plus, it’s only HALF of the real race, right?

I’m pretty sure the Canucks are being advised by their team psychologists to focus on the present, ignore the past, and play day-by-day, game-by-game… advice I will take for my own training over the next few weeks. I certainly haven’t figured out how to change the past, I can only affect the future.

So onwards and upwards; time to shake it off and focus on the goal ahead. It’s all for fun anyways – so as long as I avoid injury, cross the finish line before they kick me off the course, and can walk unassisted to the car afterwards, I will have won my own Stanley Cup!

Well, kind of.

Go Canucks Go!


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