Diana is on her way…that my friends is guts…

The current reported distance traveled by Diana is now 92.2 Statute Miles, 82.0 nautical miles, provided by Steve Munatones, the independent observer for the International Swim Federation who accompanied the expedition.
Hindered by painful stings and strong currents, endurance swimmer Diana Nyad ended her latest attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida on Sunday morning, her team announced.

Nyad was pulled out of the water shortly after 11 a.m. (Sunday) following injuries sustained Saturday evening and strong cross-currents that were pushing her off course, her team Captain Mark Sollinger said. The 62-year-old swam more than 67 nautical miles — about two-thirds of the distance.

Her swim had been halted Saturday night after being stung by jellyfish and Portuguese man-of-wars, but she returned to the water Sunday morning in an attempt to complete the effort. 

Diana Nyad     diananyadDiana Nyad

12:20am (Sunday) Back in the water http://diananyad.com/1220am-back-in-the-water/

At 9:40pm (Saturday) Diana is still aboard Voyager and being treated by two physicians. At this moment it appears that Diana wishes to continue the swim but there is no final decision yet.

Endurance swimmer Diana Nyad was stung by a sea creature for a second time Saturday night and was being treated by doctors, her team said in a blog post, leaving the continuation of her swim in question.The 62-year-old, in transit from Havana to Florida, was stung by some kind of presumed jellyfish, the blog said.”Her face and eyes and the area around her eyes are affected. She is out of the water and aboard the transom of the Voyager where she is being treated by doctors. It will be up to Diana to decide whether or not to continue to the swim.”The incident was another setback for the athlete, who was stung by Portuguese man o’ war earlier in the day.
Diana Nyad     diananyadDiana Nyad

At 10:55am (Saturday), she just had a hydration and a full feeding, and her stroke is beginning to be stronger. Bonnie, Diana and the team are…
Diana Nyad     diananyadDiana Nyad
As of 10:20 pm (Friday) the flotilla is continuing on in warm, calm, windless seas. Onward!
Diana Nyad     diananyadDiana Nyad

After an hour and a half of treading water Diana began to rehydrate and swim her freestyle stroke.
Diana Nyad     diananyadDiana Nyad

Chief handler Bonnie Stoll said, “Diana was stung along both arms the side of her body and her face.” Jonathan Rose, a safety diver and..
 Diana Nyad     diananyadDiana Nyad

Diana has been stung by what we believe is a moon jelly. She is trying to clear herself of tentacles and continue the swim.
Jenn Chu    jxchuJenn Chu
So very awesome. RT: @MattCNN: It’s official! @diananyad jumped in the water at 6:05pmET today (Friday)  to start her #Xtremedream swim
Diana Nyad     diananyadDiana Nyad
“I knew I was in the best condition of my life. What happened in August was a 29-hour training swim. ” http://ow.ly/6Dnbs
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