Diana Nyad to swim from Cuba – Florida…again…tonight!

In case you missed it in all the recent political news, and not anywhere near as prominent in the headlines as it was a month ago

Diana Nyad is planning to get back into the water to get that 103 mile / 60 hour swim out of the way…again…tonight…after coming up short a month ago

So the posts that we wrote a month ago…repeat…well, let’s hope that the final article has a picture of her stepping onto the shore in Florida 🙂



Here’s the CNN article about the swim tonight:

…from her Twitter account, it sounds like she watched her own documentary on CNN, got inspired by it, and decided to go at it again :)

here’s her website: http://diananyad.com/

and Twitter account…probably the best for breaking news: http://twitter.com/#!/diananyad

What’s with those ‘seniors’ 🙂


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