First open water swim of the year today

The local YMCA has a supported open water swim from time to time, so I decided to do it this morning before my planned, high Intensity 3 hour bike ride….get warmed up and burn a few extra calories

With the amount of time that I’ve spent in the pool, working on drills and form, I’ve been getting some can-I-actually-still-swim-a-mile-in-traffic anxiety

…so found my wetsuit, hopped on the mountain bike over to the Y, and joined 60 other wild and crazy triathlete’s for a couple of laps in the lake

The best part was that they have different colors of swim caps…depending on your ‘experience’ and how closely they watch out for you…from red for first timers, up through to green for the most experienced

…so when the nice woman registering swimmers asked ‘have you swam in open water before’, I said ‘yes, 4 times Ironman’…’green cap’ she said and handed it to me…made me smile 🙂

2 laps of 750 meters each = 1500 meters in 40 minutes…took care of it…still slow…but so much better than following that black line on the bottom of the pool…although the fastest group finished 4 laps in the same time…sigh…

…for those of you not familiar with open water swim training for triathlon, here’s a short video…fun way to start your Saturday 🙂

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