First run after Ironman

Glad that I waited until a couple of days ago to get that first run in after the Ironman.  Could almost ‘feel’ recently repaired running muscles being called upon for the first time in a while…I think that they were glad for the time away from the roads…legs felt a bit stiff going out…joints, hips, quads, right knee, all a bit cranky but did warm up, and smooth out.  Kept it easy…31 minutes…that was just about right.

Of course there’s that tendency to want to crank it back up…get back to pre-Ironman levels quickly…we do feel pretty good right?  I think that I’ll give the body a break though…refresh and update my reading with the extra time…oh and a wife clamoring for…alright alright…she says ‘looking forward to’…more attention ‘now that the Ironman is over’…and get back to a maintenance level of 8-10 hours a week by January…my light, recovery weeks were around 8 hours during the Ironman training ramp up. 

I was happiest for the 499 calorie exercise credit in the Food Diary…that extra 500 exercise calorie burn, makes such a huge difference in being able to balance the calories in/out equation….closer to a 1,000 would be even better…many more options there.

By focusing on balanced eating during the day as outlined in our Caloric Intake During the Day page, it feels that I’m choking it back all day, to have 600-750 calories left in the ‘budget’ by the end of the day to have, at least in my heads view, a ‘decent’ dinner that I may actually enjoy. 

Goes to one of my key exercise motivators…food.

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