Fitting Life In

Ahhhhhhhh – Rest Week.

Like the 1 minute walk at the end of each 10 minutes of my run…

Like the calories I get to consume and the end of a weekend training day…

Like the bottle (I mean glass) of wine at the end of a long day at work…

…Rest Week is my light at the end of a 3-week-build-tunnel… a wonderful 7 day period where I have permission to slow down with a reduced schedule, recover and rebuild, and fit Life back in.

And by Life I mean dental work, volunteer work, house work and massage work!

My ‘Rest Week’ this week started off with a 2-hour dental appointment (note to self: don’t book important conference calls after a dentist appointment – hard to be persuasive when half of your face is frozen!). And then the bills/emails/volunteer commitments/bike fits/upgrading running shoes from 2009/ live wiring above my couch waiting to be attended to… I can go on.

And the workouts are still there – and despite the reduced length and intensity – they almost feel like more effort to fit in! Only a 1.5 hour Saturday bike? I almost ask ‘what’s the point’?!

But I think despite the A-type, over-the-top personalities of most IM athletes.. we could all use an ‘excuse’ for a rest once in a while. Unless you’re the only brain surgeon in a radius of 5000km and people’s lives are depending on you being available 24/7 – I think a day or two off won’t affect the rotation of the earth.

‘Enjoy’ your cold Dad 🙂

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