‘Goddess’ of fate being a little cute

I do like to complete planned training like a metronome…complete and checkoff the workouts as they come up…and have a pretty good track record over years of doing just that.

…my ‘work’ workload has been rather large this past few weeks, and will increase over the next 2 weeks…and I ‘do’ know that ‘life stress’ is as much of a stress factor in my overall stress load, as the physical workouts are…I’ve seen and logged the ‘impact’ of outside-exercise stress on my workouts for years now…so need to adjust accordingly…okay I ‘know’ that…I just sometimes need to be reminded of it…and it appears that my body is doing that, right on cue.

Having tempted the gods of fate only a few days ago…I knew that I was doing it…and will do it again I’m sure 🙂 http://www.irondaughterirondad.com/the-best-training-weeks-are-quiet-ones/

and they did respond this time…hate when that happens…since then, beyond ‘working at work’ early through late:

  • Thursday, solid bike interval hour, as planned, although Heart Rate was a hair higher than normal for the intensity…made a note in my log to ‘watch it’…one good reason to watch your ‘metrics’
  • Friday: scratchy throat (rest day, so good…and I killed off the optional yoga and/or swim that I had there)…not bad…sort of like is-my-throat-dry-or-is-something-going-on? 
  • Saturday: so waiting for it to declare itself…same thing Saturday morning…so took an easy ride for 30 minutes instead of the intense 75 minute interval/brick
  • Sunday: same thing Sunday morning, so took an easy run…25 minutes in, the left hamstring had what is best described as a ‘spasm’…no pain, but definitely an unnatural ‘flutter’…so walked it back home to stay conservative…hmmm
  • Monday: rest day scheduled, so took it…throat better, but sinuses feeling a bit congested…very light though, like is-that-congestion-or-a-change-in-the-weather
  • Tuesday: a bit more on the congestion thing, but not bad…sort of feels off a bit…so took the day off instead of heavy intervals on the bike schedule

So that’s where I’m at on a Tuesday night…so let’s see what Wednesday brings…hopefully I can just shift things forward a few days and pick it up from there…I do have my BIG convention next weekend, so ideally would be back on track the next few days…burn up the training (get in some good workouts) prior to the convention…and then just focus on work and excessive eating, drinking, and partying for a week…and pick it up again on the backside…that is why ‘we’ do all this isn’t it? 🙂

Oh, BTW, there have been many gods of fate over the centuries…actually ‘goddesses’ as it turns out…the Romans and Greeks were the BIG guys into gods, so let’s start there…

Our picture today is Fortuna the Roman goddess of fate and destiny…her Greek equivalent was Tyche also a girl…Fortuna sounds like a better name for a goddess of fate doesn’t it…at least from our English language perspective, so that’s why I picked her.

So where are the ‘gods’ of fate…well, turns out that fate is controlled by girls…both boys and girls reading this say “yeah so what else is new” 🙂

You have to go pretty deep to even find a marginal guy that controls fate:

  • Egypt had Shai…supposed to be a guy, but often considered female…
  • The Aztacs had Camaxtli, but he was also the god of hunting, war, fate and fire, so a little stretched out
  • The Khoikhoi’s had Gaunab, but he was both fate and death, so like what’s with that…a bit extreme

…so you can see the stretch here to find a guy that controls ‘fate’…upon reflection of course in my own life, it is SO TRUE…girls control fate..huh…ever have a moment when the light-bulb goes on?

…I-will-redouble-my-efforts-to-be-nice-to-girls 🙂

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