Happy Valentine’s Day!

Alright…we get started again…tomorrow 🙂

This past 3 weeks has been a bit ragged…sore throat and cold…recovery in time for the convention last weekend through this past Tuesday…overlapped by another sore throat / congestion this past week…rats…so exercise has been a few light runs, and lots of walking.

The convention break was planned…the sore throat/congestion ‘bookends’ around the convention was not…so we adjust…and hopefully that hamstring issue has fixed itself in there somewhere, so some extra rest not really a bad idea…interesting how the body ‘tells’ us stuff…not sure it was ‘smart’ enough to lay in the double sore throat and congestion thing to keep me off the hamstring…would be _very_ interesting if that was the body plan.

Flight day from the dark side yesterday…the flight pulled over in Denver on the way from San Francisco to Chicago…somebody sick apparently…I knew it was a bad sign when the stewardess asked if there was a doctor on board…I immediately though of this scene out the movie Airplane!…and started calculating how long it had been since I flew an airplane 🙂

or click here if you can’t play the video within the Post

…then cleaning crews required to deal with the aftermath of the turbulent ride into Denver as the pilots dive-bombed for the runway…and then mechanical problems in Denver…3 hours of sitting in the plane on the Denver tarmac…quite a few of the 300 fellow passengers were pretty ‘irritated’…missed connections to Europe, big group connecting to Miami going on a cruise…not any more…fun day in the skies…did get back home though on the last flight of the day…which was running late, which is why we were still able to get it…so that was the minor good news in there…oh and did I mention none of our 3 bags had made it…’delayed’ baggage line at 1:30 in the morning…and finally into bed by 3am…can’t be good for that final illness recovery…sigh…obviously my last post a premonition:


All behind me now of course…busy busy work time, but at least without the hard, convention date deadlines, so time to get diet and exercise back on track…and ramp back in as gently as my overzealous personality will permit…of course offset by a body that is all too willing to throw in warning shots when I overdo it…

I’m thinking a nice cold, vodka martini tonight to kill any last germs…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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