If a 6 month old can go swimming at -0F…

Well, it seems that a number of us are still wimping out about getting back into the pool in the New Year.  Of course the Endurance Nation folks gave some of you a reprieve based on their _STRONG_ opinion that if you could swim the Ironman 2.4 miles in 1:15:00 or less, that in the Off Season you should ‘STOP swimming’ and focus on speed on the bike and run…details in an earlier post:


Sadly, I’m not in that group at an optimistic 1:30:00 now…maybe…okay, well ‘was’…alright…never really _did_ swim it that fast but could have…I thought…maybe

…so felt that I would benefit from 2 days a week of swimming in the Off Season…1 drills/lesson, 1 form focused speed.

As it turns out, my 6 month old grand-daughter is first in line for her swimming lesson these days at her local YMCA…even in the -0F temperatures of her native Canadian winter…and youngest in the class…and most enthusiastic.

…knowing the competitive nature of her loving parents, it’s going to be no time at all before they have her challenging her ‘Popsie’ to a few laps in the pool…and triathlon and Ironman can’t be far off.

Okay, okay…I’m going to find my Speedo and get over to the pool.

Geez…I feel like the old, seasoned quarterback when the young whippy-wristed youngster shows up in training camp


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