I’m _really_ liking these bike workouts

I’m on a Short and Fast workout protocol in the ‘Off Season” (OS) so far, following the Endurance Nation workout schedule.

I have to tell you…I’m _really_ liking the bike workouts…tweaked my hamstring on the run workouts…so it’ll be a few weeks before I’m cranked back into that… at least…but the bike…very cool.

Here was my workout from Saturday, on the tri bike, on the static indoor trainer…total time was 1 hour 20 minutes:

  • Warm-up: 10′ (minutes) easy,
  • then 3 x 3′ @ 80-85%/Z3/Mod-Hard with (1′) easy spinning between each one
  • Main set: 2 x 8′ (2′) @ 95-100%/Z4/Hard
  • Then 2 x 15′ (2′) @ 80-85%/Z3/Mod-Hard

My current FTP (Functional Threshold Power) is 255W (Watts) so, for this workout my targets for power were:

  • 80-85%/Z3/Mod-Hard = 204W – 217W
  • 95-100%/Z4/Hard = 242W – 255W

…notes as I entered them in my training log…some notes for clarity added in brackets for this post:

as planned, 3×3′ in 20 min warm-up @ Z3 206W (Watts), 205W, 206W,
…then Main set 2×8′: 244W, 247W…HR (Heart Rate) running up to mid 140HR’s and staying there again, so pretty much on the money…could move it up a hair probably
…2×15 Z3: 208W, 210W… I think that I can move up those Z3 sections to 215W, since HR is low 130HR’s avg… – pretty strong workout, CP60, 204W, 214W norm…entire workout 189W, 205W norm
– I really do like these bike workouts with a balance of Z4 and Z3, like today with 16min Z4, then 30 min Z3…feel like I’m get a good balance of Threshold (95-100%) and then Endurance (80-85%) 
– and for an indoor trainer workout, the time goes quickly

I have my computer setup with an Internet connection in front of the bike setup, so can watch stuff with Netflix online…although I find during the Hard sections, fast paced, techno music is a better fit…so on Saturday ‘Spartacus’ on Netflix and BPM on XMradio.

At the end I was surprised to see that it was an hour and 15 minutes into the workout, so bit of a cool-down and done…cool!

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