We’re gonna need more ice packs

On my long run today (1:45:00, 11 miles), my left calf started feeling a bit stiff after some faster intervals…about an hour and a bit into the run…after I had stopped to top up my water bottles…so I kept the last 4 miles on the easy side, finishing without incident…although yes, my calf was a bit stiff after the run

…so as I was finishing my run I was thinking

‘We’re gonna need more ice packs’

since if my calf joins my right knee and left hamstring…my 2 freezer bags aren’t going to cut it anymore.

…and I’m _not_ going to do the ice bath thing…okay…at least not yet…

The title of this post is a parody on a great line from the 40 Year Old Virgin…

‘We’re gonna need more wax’

…that started to run through my head…runners high or something I guess

…here’s the clip…minor editing for our PG audience…and for the guys an ‘easy’ way to erase at least 5 seconds per 100 meters from your swim time 🙂

(small rectangle in the bottom right corner for full screen)
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