Iron Daughter: a study in fitting in workouts

Looking at Iron Daughter’s recently posted training schedule:

…I’m again reminded of the amount of dedication that training for an Ironman takes…particularly if you’re working for a living in a job that doesn’t really allow a flexible schedule during the day…fitting in workouts before and after work requires a lot of motivation…and planning…to get in the workouts, and the added ‘overhead’ time for getting equipment ready, travel to and from the workout venue, showers…it all adds up to a _lot_ of time

…and enough sleep for recovery, and have a bit of time for other life balance things…it’s no wonder that many friends are similarly driven age group athletes…and always weird to see them actually dressed in street clothes

I’m lucky to have a lot more flexibility in my days, and able to fit in workouts around online appointments and daily work tasks…and therefore rarely workout before 9am or after 5pm, and just about always alone since I slip in workouts wherever they fit into a particular day…and I then also control _exactly_ the workout that I want to do on that particular day…being bald is a big time saver for multiple showers in a day 🙂

It therefore bears repeating: and as posted a few months ago when my work schedule was cramping my workout schedule in advance of my BIG annual convention:

It reminds me that my _real_ heroes are those that fit in a substantial training commitment…like Ironman…geez…with a _real_ full-time job…year-round.

…like my Iron Daughter…and a number of my Iron Buddies.

To all of you…I bow in humble acknowledgment of your remarkable achievement 🙂

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