Ironman Florida forecast links

Right now, conditions for race day look great…here are a few links for easy reference over the next few days

…I’ll update them to more detail as it becomes available…still a few days out of course…so _could_ change as we get closer

Surf conditions on the right…high tide is 7:16am, so slack current just before and after…will build a bit though as the swim progresses.. wind can also create current

…a good way to check the actual current direction is to look down at the anchor line of a buoy as you go by it…the line in the direction from the buoy to the bottom anchor, points in the direction that the current is coming from 🙂
– now shows 0/flat conditions on Saturday morning 🙂

– and here the same thing:



48F first thing in the morning…73F high for the day…wind ENE 10MPH…the ‘wunderground’ forecast is a little cooler at 70F
– the forecast for temperature has come down a bit…the wind up a bit…still pretty perfect

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