Last training workout…done…Ironman next!

It’s fitting that my last training workout would be a sunrise swim with IronDaughter at 7am this morning 🙂

So that’s it…the training completed…all in…done

Next up is Ironman on Saturday morning 🙂

The weather still looks great at this point…a bit of wind on the bike 11-14MPH, but swim conditions look really good, and temperatures as good as it gets…might get up into the low 70’s in the afternoon…and that Florida sun is a lot ‘hotter’ than we’re used to in northern climes, which means a bit of a slower run pace plan, but all good.

I’ll post my final race plan tomorrow, once the hourly forecasts are a bit more dialed in, and add in the tracking links for those interested in following the day from the comfort of home.

So today is a ‘get-ready’ day…make sure that all equipment is packed and ready to go, catch up with a few friends this afternoon / at the Athlete Banquet this evening, and then Friday sign up for 2012 Ironman…maybe 🙂 … final race plan dialed in based on the day before forecast…bike and gear get checked-in, IronDaughter’s friends arrive in the afternoon…early dinner…early to bed

…4am Saturday morning rise and shine, over to transition by 5:30’ish…7am race start

…and then just git ‘er done 🙂

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