Life happens

Thinking about the week coming up, it’s going to be a challenge…and going to continue throughout the month…lots of plates to keep in the air…you can click on the picture to watch Erich Brenn “Plate Spinning” on The Ed Sullivan Show while contemplating your own ‘set of spinning plates’ :) 

Back to work tomorrow after a ‘soft’ 2 weeks over the holidays, and it ramps up quickly, and stays very busy in advance of a large convention 4 weeks away….lots of projects to get finished off, and as the date gets closer, _always_ hair-on-fire last minute things that come rolling in.

Also on the hit parade this week is my wife’s surgery on her hand mid-week…she’s a poor patient, and I’m even a worse nurse…there’s a couple of weeks of ‘recovery’ and associated ‘attention’…sigh.

And then getting back into the exercise thing…light day today in advance of a Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test on the bike tomorrow…I have a planned vDOT test on the run for Wednesday, but since that’s surgery day, hard to think that it’s going to happen.

Also car problems…so will need to deal with that tomorrow.

And so it goes…Life happens…and at least for me, never a dull moment 🙂

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