Listen to your body

Iron Buddy Anne sends this along today…great reminder especially for us ‘Masters’ athletes…you weren’t thinking of Iron Dad when you read it were you? 🙂

…thanks Anne!

This is a quote in today’s paper in an article by David Quick, from Dara Torres, who is an Olympic class swimmer in her 40’s. I love the “listen to your body”…that’s my mantra.  You can’t just follow a rigid training plan or simply use a personal trainer, especially as you get older. If you try to follow an in inflexible training schedule, despite how you feel, you are going to get injured or burn out.

 So, that’s my lecture for the day.

 Go, Dara!

Here’s the Article:

She urges middle­age and older people to find something active to do and to use one guiding principle that she uses every day: “Listen to your body,” she says.

“As you get older, you need more time to recover from workouts. Gauge how you feel. Set goals,” she says, add­ing, “You don’t have to put an age limit on your dreams.”

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