live life out to the max every day

dang…woke up to the news of a 8.9 earthquake in Japan, with associated Tsunami wave…brutal

…and for a few hours this morning listening to CNN as they were anticipating the wave ‘hit’ on Hawaii at 8:00 Eastern…like almost 4,000 miles away…faster than Superman…

…reminds me that we’re just specks on this planet…Mother Nature has no idea that we’re here…except for the odd environmental disaster that we create and pollution that we spew into the atmosphere…so she just goes along as she has for billions of years…creaking…adjusting…as she always has…no idea that there’s expensive beachfront property in Malibu…if she flexed one way or the other, and a couple of hundred miles of coastline slid into the ocean…and a trailer park 100 miles inland instantly becomes new oceanfront property…it would just be a normal day…if the oceans rise a few feet over a few years…whatever…just part of the course of history

…and since we’re just living on the very thin outer crust, that floats on an ebbing and flowing ‘Mantle’ that covers a vast molten furnace that starts at over 1,000 degrees F just below the paper-thin sliver of earth that we build our houses and roads and live on…and estimated at 10,000 F or higher at earths core…about the same or hotter than the surface of the sun…it’s no wonder that things creak a little here and there

…very sad day for the people of Japan

…sort of makes you wonder why the whole thing doesn’t blow into smithereens anyway…

…live life out to the max every day, I say…

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