May 7, 2011: Jetton Park Sprint Plus added

I’ve added another event onto the calendar…the Jetton Park Triathlon an early season sprint plus…the plus part, since the swim is on the high-end of a normal sprint distance…others I’ve done often at 500M.  This is a local race, run by Setup Inc.

  • 750 meter Swim
  • 20K Bike
  • 5K Run

I was actually looking for an Olympic distance in May, and may still add one, as a speed tester before my Half Iron on July 3.  There’s always the White Lake Half Iron that I’ve done a couple of times…on May 7 and May 14 in 2011…so popular now that they run on 2 weekends…but I’d like to stay focused on ‘fast’ in the early season, so will probably focus on shorter, early.

There’s another sprint locally, but the swim is on a pool, and that’s not really lighting my fire.

One option is an Olympic distance on May 21, the Over The Mountain Triathlon. 

  • 1.5K Swim
  • 45K Bike
  • 10K Run

There’s also a bike Time Trial series that looks really interesting to me…short for a time trial…10 miles…so an all-out pain-fest, pushed to the max.  Looking at last year, and picking the last race of the year, to win my age category: 27.19MPH, 22:04.02 minutes…last place is 21MPH, 28 minutes…and that’s the Recreational category.  Racing category, Masters 55+ winner was slightly faster: 28.8MPH, 21:11.35.  The winner in the Men 70-74 category: 26.08MPH…geez.  At least by 80 years old they’re slowing down a bit: the winner averaged 20.29MPH.

  • April 20
  • May 11
  • June 8 (Kids Event)
  • July 23 (Kids Event)  *This is a Saturday Night!!!*
  • August 17 (Team Time Trial)
  • September 7 (Award Presentations)

Considering that I’ve only raced Ironman for the last 2 years…like 1 a year…it’ll be interesting to have a few more events on the calendar…I think that it will help establish some early goals to get the season on track.

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