Me eat Paleo.

Paleo Diet To-Do List:

– Buy Paleo Diet for Athletes book – DONE

– Go grocery shopping – DONE

– Figure out what this Paleo diet is all about – ERRRR… WORKING ON IT!

I am not going to pretend that I’m going to turn into a nutritionist over night with this little exercise. As long as I have been a Vegan, I don’t think I have counted a calorie – and in truth, the ‘science’ of the Paleo diet to me is a tad overwhelming. I also admit that I am no Vegan Mother Theresa. While I would say 75-80% of my diet can be found in nature, I would guess that there’s about 20-25% that can be found at the 7-11. It’s not ideal, and certainly not advised, so I look forward to focusing on new, interesting recipes and not as much on bad habits this week. I also look forward to getting away from my faux-meat/faux-dairy ‘crutches’ (Tofurkey, Soy Cheese, Soy Milk…)- as delicious, and often nutritious, as they are… I’m excited to remind myself that the food earth produces in 1-step is just as delicious and probably a lot more nutritious.

So my approach this week is to compare and share the ‘lived’ differences between my former Vegan-ish diet and my new Palio-ish diet. In the end I hope I can take the ‘best’ of the Paleo diet philosophy, and integrate it into the ‘best’ of my Vegan lifestyle. I can already begin to see some advantages, but also some things I am really really going to  struggle with.

The Similarities

– A focus on fresh, whole fruits and vegetables, oils and nuts/seeds.  Food as it’s meant to be.

– No dairy. Luckily, this means Paleo is not going to be as much of a struggle as it might be for some.

The Differences

– Paleo eliminates most carbs (except just before/during/after exercise for athletes, in limited amounts). THIS is going to be a big challenge (the sushi restaurant across the street knows my order by heart)

– Heavy focus on fish and meat, and in particular game meat. I eat a bit of fish (mostly salmon, halibut, cod, shrimp).. but can’t digest the thought of meat for some reason. I have nothing against it, but I started reading the recipes and it just doesn’t sit right. I am going to stick with just fish for this week, and eggs as a proverbial olive branch in the ‘uncomfortable’ direction.. but meat is probably not on the grocery list unfortunately

– Limits placed on the veggie and fruit list, as well as some oils, vinegar, salt, and peanuts – something about alkalinity? Who knows. I’ll just follow the recipes.

The Approach

– Exercise is ramping up a bit this week , as I start to integrate cycling into my training schedule (have only been running so far). I will have to be a LOT more prepared with my food, and figure out what the heck someone eats before exercise if it’s not oatmeal or toast (my go-to’s)..

– I will be entering my daily food intake into just for kicks.. and perhaps next week compare it to my Vegan diet to see where the gaps are

– I will attempt to make almost all my meals this week; since I wouldn’t even know where to start with take-out. Might try a restaurant on the weekend just for the experience.. TBD

My Thoughts on VeganDad

– Good luck!


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8 Responses to Me eat Paleo.

  1. Daughter says:

    PaleoDaughter update #1 – prepping for meals the next day:
    Breakfast – Likely going to be an apple, and (gulp) an egg! I don’t think I have cooked an egg in my entire adult life.. but Google is backing me up and it’s going to be an adventure!
    Lunch – Prepped a spinach salad, with baked salmon (lemon, dill, olive oil and a pinch of salt), tomatoes, cucumbers and avocado. Dressing is tomatoes, fresh basil, pepper, a tblsp of olive oil, lemon juice. (may have already 1/2 the salmon.. it was really good!)
    Dinner – to be determined!
    Monday’s are days-off exercise… so meals should in theory be a bit lighter.. but this might be a bit too lite…need to figure out how Paleo snacks work.

    Stay tuned!

  2. Dad says:

    I microwave an egg or egg whites…2 minutes…power level 6…depends on the microwave of course…oh, I have a specific egg container for microwaves for it, since it tends to ‘explode’ in the microwave otherwise…so without that, break the egg yolk, spray Pam in the bottom of a small bowl, egg or egg white in, and cover with a paper towel…easy…and yes an egg has great protein and nutrients

  3. Dad says:

    easy snacks that I use are almonds…apple…banana…low fat sliced ham is _really_ low in calories and fat, and since it’s a protein hit, can take the edge off as well…and with the before and after exercise carb hit with a bit of protein, that usually takes care of a lot of it

  4. Elsie Kwiatkowski says:

    Dear Lisa and Stephen,
    I am following your blogs with great interest.You are making good food choices in your daily diets,and I wish you good health,and success on your journey to the Ironman competition.

  5. Sarah says:

    Good luck with the new diet Lisa – would love to hear how it’s going for you over the next few weeks. I’ve heard of a few people (including athletes) that have had great success with it.

    I’m getting back on my bike this week too. Give me a shout if you need a partner. But I’m pretty out of shape so you might have to pull me along!

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