New CP90 at 251W…last record…last week…237W

With my shrunken, time compressed schedule over last week and this, I’ve reverted to shortening the bike workouts and moving up the Intensity.

Last week when the New York trip jumped into the schedule, I did a 2 hour ride, kicked up the Intensity and established a new all-time high average power for 90 minutes of 237 Watts (W)…without maximal effort.

So with a very cramped week this week, and another trip looming on Friday, I thought that I would just do that ride again and see how it turns out…it was a bit cooler…although my legs/body still felt a bit worn from the weekend of New York debauchery

…considered taking the day off and catching a nap instead 🙂

Although I wasn’t able to really push BIG power, I ended up re-setting another new CP90…so another all-time record for high average power over 90 minutes…of 251 Watts!

The cooler weather helped:

  • this week on 251W power, an average Heart Rate (HR) of only 138HR…max 147HR
  • vs. last week on only 237W power, 142HR average…max 152HR.

I’m a pretty analytical guy…so there are only 5 explanations that I can think of:

  1. my Powertap wheel is tanking, and getting progressively worse, so dishing out higher and higher readings
  2. or I’ve been hit by gamma rays from the Japanese nuclear disaster…à la the Incredible Hulk
  3. or bitten by a radioactive spider…à la Spiderman
  4. or there’s an undisclosed radiation leak from the nuclear reactor within 10 miles of the house
  5. or I’m actually getting stronger

So to narrow it down:

I’ll let you know how it turns out…if the radiation thing pans out I guess I’ll need a name and a costume…maybe ‘Iron Dad’ and a powder blue leisure suit…okay, that may take some thought…

…wouldn’t it be cool if it’s simply that my training program is working the way that it should 🙂

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