Recovery…and getting back into training

I have my training log setup to email me my workouts every day.

I’m generally sitting at my desk by 7:00am, coffee, fruit shake, check the news, cleanup email/replies/contacts/daily conference notes, fine-tune my To Do list for the day, and verify appointments, including when I’m going to do my workouts for the day, which are setup as a specific appointment in my calendar.

…too funny to see my email  with no workouts since the race on Sunday

Here’s a good summary from the folks at Endurance Nation about Half Ironman Recovery:

I flew back to the east coast yesterday, will get out on the bike today, and start dialing in the next conga line of workouts.

…I had posted my original season outline on December 14, 2010…after the Vancouver Half, I had planned a 4-6 week ‘transition’ and general prep before the BIG training ramp-up for Ironman Florida, which I can start somewhere between the weeks of August 1 – 15 (12-14 weeks out from the race)

A couple of short-term factors though for the next few weeks:

  • since I was running strong through the end of the race, I’ll take a bit more recovery time, particularly on the run side…if I had flamed out on the run, and not finished with intensity, it would actually shorten the recovery time
  • my wife has another surgery the week of July 18…sigh…comes with associated time and stress pressure

Since I had a good race on Sunday, race stiffness almost dissipated, no specific injuries except for ‘Masters’ creaking joints, and mental training ‘attitude’ is in good shape…that is to say, not burnt out on training…

…I’d have to say that I’m in an excellent mid-season position…and _hopefully_ the second half of the year is a bit smoother than the first half 🙂


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