Daughter Lisa’s secret off season primary workout

Well…I can’t tell you how I got this, but while I’ve been heavily focused on detailed planning for next year, and diet, and things like:

improving my Functional Threshold Power (FTP) on the bike, my vDOT on the run, and improving my Stroke Rate (SR) on the swim, while maintaining, and improving form

Daughter Lisa…as is often the case…is taking a completely different approach to the early season prep.

Not entirely sure how she’s going to translate that into a crushing Ironman performance…but, very interesting nonetheless…I’m thinking that maybe she could move up the intensity a bit, but everyone has their own idea of what works for them.

…click on the Play button to see her secret routine…well, secret up until now that is

You can play it full screen, by moving your cursor over the movie box, clicking Play, and then clicking on the rectangle in the bottom right corner

You can just see Daughter’s left arm at the back in the blue top…good job Lisa!…looks like you’ve hooked up with a pretty motivated group, which is always a good thing 🙂

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