The best training weeks are quiet ones

As I was logging my workout today, I was reminded that the best training weeks for me are the quiet ones…not quiet in terms of workload, but quiet in terms of my training log entry…I know I’m having a good week, if my log entry each day begins with “as planned”…and then a few details, and done…no long descriptions of what went wrong…or why something didn’t happen…but simply hit all the marks…nailed each interval…power or pace exactly where I wanted it…done…day after day…all week long.

As it turns out, I’m quite serious about my training…I schedule it each day, put it on my calendar as an appointment…know exactly what I’m going to do…and execute the plan, as best as the day and body will allow.

I pretty much know what my specific workouts will be for the next 3 months…on each individual day of each week, of each month…adjustable based on how things are going, and stuff that happens, like the tweaked hamstring a week and bit ago…and my final flight schedules for an upcoming convention…although when I have a setback, I only adjust the short-term workouts, looking to get back onto the ‘schedule’ as soon as practical.

Coming into each week however, my workout schedule is set…in my mind, and in my calendar, solid on what I’m going to do each day…and then my task is to execute the plan that week.  I know that I’ll improve as an athlete, if I just hit the marks.

I do find it a challenge, therefore, when a workout isn’t going well, to adjust mid-stream…there’s that tricky balance between pushing past comfort to improve, and pushing too far and breaking something…I’m still learning that, and probably will always be working on it…so I read my own posts often…like this one…to remind me:

My training this week is a quiet one so far.  I like those weeks 🙂

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