time going fast

Well here it is Tuesday already, time rolling by quickly, as the schedule is going to start to get busy tomorrow (Wednesday) with registration, Iron Daughter picking up her bike that was transported down, a 45 min bike / 20 min run, and dinner with the Endurance Nation group…and a more or less ‘normal’ work schedule squeezed in…

Had another swim today in pristine conditions…45 minutes, practising ‘sighting’ more than anything else, and going out and back from the beach…some current today from left to right looking out at the ocean, so something that I need to be vigilant about.

Today my Heart Rate actually got up to 108 on the swim (from around 100 2 days ago) as I was feeling like a faster cadence was more comfortable…I don’t know that I was really travelling faster, but it still felt pretty efficient…and still a low Heart Rate, so all is good.

I’ll be posting my race plan in the next couple of days, once the weather forecast has enough detail to display hourly…I’ll use this to decide my final clothing and pace plan.

Overall, the race day weather still looks excellent…so all systems still GO 🙂

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