Time to setup the Ironman Florida Party Week!

Over the next few days, you’ll notice that we’re going to be ‘playing’ with setting up a social network within our blog, specifically targeted at Ironman athlete’s participating in Ironman Florida 2011…we’ve already setup a placeholder for the Charleston contingent…more to come…we considered using a Facebook page…and may still…but really wanted to keep it tighter…the basic idea is that you’ll be able to ‘register’…the registration part to remove spam comments…and then have access to a Group area where we/you’ll be able to post comments, and particularly during the Ironman week be able to catch up with other athletes.

Having been to Ironman Florida, now for the 5th time, I’ve found that it’s a little desolate in terms of finding other folks to hook-up with…for having 2,800 athlete’s in town, if you’re there a few days early, and if you don’t know anybody down there, you may find yourself trying to decide between Hooter’s and the local fried fish restaurant for dinner…and it should be a _lot_ more fun than that.

Every year we do have an open house party on Thursday at our condo at The Summit…BIG place, and great place for Party Central…and then walk over and/or catch up with folks at the banquet at 5pm…and will again this year

Of course, everyone is pretty serious prior to Ironman…especially the first timers…I still remember my ‘first time’…in 2007 at the tender age of 53…the first time is the best

…that Christmas, my brother had a life-size poster made of me crossing the finish line that he ‘presented’ at Christmas dinner…too cool 🙂

…now, my Ironman races are mainly a family after-thought…too cool in its own right…the fact that I race Ironman every year is just ‘expected’…nothing new…too funny…if I stopped…now that would be news…

But this year, I have a _party_ goal…of course, we’re still all serious about Ironman…but sharing a bit of the excitement before and after should just add to the experience…I still need my nap in the afternoon, and obsessive time to make sure that all my stuff is laid out correctly, and that everything on my checklist is accounted for…

…our goal is to make sure that if you’re down there and looking to catch up with like-minded folks, that you’ll be able to do that…easily…I’ll be in Panama City Beach the Saturday before the race, so glad to catch up with folks as you roll into town the week before.

So bear with us as we go through the technology learning curve…and get ready to PARTY 🙂


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