Training back on track: 15 hours this week

With travel over for the moment, and my wife taking a few days away to visit friends, I had a productive work week, and got my training back to where it should be: 15 hours in total this week.

Swimming and bike focus this week, with less running mileage to balance things out…running the past 3 weeks has been around/over 20 miles per week with long runs of 2 hours each week, so time to dial it back a bit

Here’s how it looked, with the time, distance, and key workout:

  • 5 swims (4:30 / 6300 yards) including 1:00+ swim lesson with coach Dinah
  • 5 bike rides (7:15 / 111 miles) Saturday ride was 60 miles, just over 3 hours, with high Intensity for over half of it
  • 3 runs (2:30 / 16 miles): Tuesday run was 7.5 miles with 3 miles of high Intensity intervals
  • 1 yoga (:45)

Saturday was the BIG day (4:30 total time), with a :40 swim, then 3:15 bike, and then :35 run…basically a race simulation, with a shorter run….solid training day

With 4 weeks to go before the Half Iron race in Vancouver, I focused on swimming form this week, and now need to translate that into some real swimming over the next 2 weeks…it’s not going to be enough to have a good swim in the race…but if I get through it comfortably, and have a solid bike and run, I will have accomplished what I wanted to do in the training for this race.

…oh and need to stay healthy and not break something…always the top priority 🙂

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