United Airlines: Friendly skies?

Having written a post about our flight that made an unscheduled stop in Denver en route to Chicago:


…turns out that United recognized the flight was below service expectations, and did reimburse passengers with a $50.00 e-coupon each for the hassle…and as long as they were able to hear and understand the one-time announcement over the PA system on the plane…and write down or remember the www.united.com/appreciation URL that you were to go to…

…however having said that, and to be balanced, our bags did arrive at the house around 2:30 in the afternoon the following day…and other than being a bit tired, and the cough coming back a bit, none the worse for the wear…so I’ll give United their due for the gesture…it appears that they did stop using the ‘fly the friendly skies’ slogan in 1996

…although I can’t help but think of our fellow passengers that were going to risk missing their cruise departure out of Miami…apparently an issue on being able to get them on another flight the next day that would get them there in time

…I’m left with a picture in my mind of the group of them in a Dragon Boat trying to catch up to the cruise ship…hope they made it by the time I’m writing this post

…when you think you have it bad, there’s always somebody else worse off

…having said that, I guess at the shear end of that trail, there is always somebody in the world that _truly_ is worse off than everyone else on the planet…I doubt however, it’s because they missed their flight…or their cruise…most of the ‘problems’ that we have are pretty high-class problems compared to the rest of the world 🙂

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