Vacation workout adjustments

From our friends at Endurance Natioin, some good stuff to keep in mind during vacations:

  • Vacations are a part of your real life. Don’t be a total tool and potentially ruin it for you, your spouse and family by being completely geeked out: “I must get in my workouts!”
  • When in doubt, go shorter and harder.
  • When in doubt, just run. In other words, try to keep the run frequency up, even it means banging out 20-30′ from the hotel. That said, see first bullet. Don’t be a geek about this.

Flavors of vacations:

  • Won’t have access to a bike, but can run:
    • If possible, go “bike heavy” the week before vacation
    • Make the vacation time a “run week,” usually by increasing frequency (5-6 runs vice 3-4, for example)
    • Back to normal schedule when you get home. No such thing as missed workouts/tests you gotta make up, etc. It’s done, move on.
  • Can run and have access to a stationary bike: frankly would rather you just not bother with the gym bike and follow the guidance above.
  • Can run but can’t swim or bike: see first bullet, maybe add ‘swim heavy’ to that bike heavy week above.
  • Active vacation: cool ski, hiking, or other trip where you will be very active but not in a sport-specific way: just enjoy yourself. Bonus if you can get in some runs around your other stuff but be careful to not ruin a great vacation by also trying to be a tri-geek.
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