Watch that eating out

We went to a new local restaurant last night that we’ve been waiting to open for a few months now.  They opened last Tuesday, so we gave them a few days, and eager to see the place, decided to go…even though we know that sometimes it takes more than a week for a place to get the kinks out.

Ah, eating out…I _know_ that’s where I can get tripped up on the calorie thing.

Other than more than 2 beers…alright…I went with the recommendations of the server, hoping to stay within the kitchen’s favorites:

  • one scallop as an appetizer with bacon…considered not eating the bacon, but it was a really tiny piece…didn’t want to insult the chef our first time there…ended up posting as 48 calories…fine
  • a very healthy salad, split…good
  • a piece of white bread with olive oil…ah, not bad…could have skipped it
  • duck…took off the skin, cut away the fat…great dish
  • the pan-fried mashed potatoes side…sooo good…my wife couldn’t help herself in taking a few forkfuls…saved me to some degree…so not horrible for the final portion size that I ate…could have swapped in another healthier side…didn’t think about it at the time…will next time

Near the end of our meal the owner came over, and sat down, nice chat…the chef then came over as well, and we were all talking about the new place, and our first dinner there.

  • we decided to split a piece of chocolate cake
  • and the chef insisted that we try the creme brulee, since they make it inhouse…’on the house’

The chocolate cake came out as a modest size…so splitting it, and without eating the icing, fine. 

I used to eat creme brulee from time to time, but haven’t for a looong time…seemed to me that it’s pretty high in calories…it was a pretty big portion, and soooo good…I complimented the chef accordingly…logging it in my Food Diary, as Daughter would say, ‘oh boy’…I picked the one from The Keg in the database, since there wasn’t an exact match…641 calories, loaded with fat and saturated fat…well that went the day.

So what do I do when I overdo it one day?…make it up by starving the next to balance it out?…nope…turn the page, and treat the new day normally….enjoy the memory of that creme brulee since it’ll probably be quite a while before I do that again…once it’s in the body, nothing to be done at that point, I can only do something about what I’m going to eat today…and it was soooo good.

Here’s how my Food Diary Daily Summary dinged me as result…complete with frowny faces…and yes they are red…almost too funny…although without that creme brulee, I was right on the money…not for a weight loss day, but good…a lot of smiley faces for the good stuff, however:

You exceeded the number of calories needed to maintain your weight by 559 calories.  This is roughly equal to 0.16 lbs of fat.
Too many dessert calories.
Saturated fats accounted for 14.0% of your calories.  For a healthy heart, try to stay below 9%.
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