Laughter as good as exercise

No matter what else is going on in your life, studies say that laughter has the same benefits to the body as exercise…so if you don’t have time for a workout, just laugh your butt off 🙂

In fact, according to Dr. William Fry at Stanford University, “One minute of laughter is equal to 10-minutes on the rowing machine.”

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…a dad ripping up a rejection letter…interviewed on the Today show a couple of days ago

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2 Responses to Laughter as good as exercise

  1. Anne Boone says:

    That video absolutely made my day! Where do you find this stuff?

    • Dad says:

      That is too funny isn’t it 🙂

      …that one from a story about the dad being interviewed on the Today show a few days ago…the Internet is a wonderful thing…I’m a voracious Internet reader
      …it triggered the ‘laughter is good for you’ idea in my head, that lead to researching it to see what studies had been done about that, that lead to the laughter = exercise thing

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