Iron Daughter / Iron Dad is primarily a story about a father and daughter preparing for Ironman Florida on November 5, 2011.

We’re both somewhat experienced age group triathletes, though not elite by any stretch…by popular definition, mere mortal, middle-of-the-pack’ers…so far.  Daughter competes in W25-29, and Dad in M55-59.  Daughter and Dad last met at a triathlon starting line at Ironman Florida in 2009…this is now the return match 🙂

We started this blog for a few reasons, and with a few goals in mind:

  • for the two of us to keep in touch with how our prep is going over the year
  • to record research on items that we think are important for ourselves and others
  • to have our links, results and ideas in one place so that we can find them
  • to help family and friends understand more clearly ‘why do you do this?’
  • to motivate and inspire others to exercise a bit more, and even give triathlon a ‘tri’
  • to provide resources to other triathlete’s based on our experience
  • to give practical, real life insights to both aspiring and experienced Ironman triathlete’s
  • to share our enthusiasm for a sport founded on a healthy lifestyle and filled with great people
  • to meet others, that we may never have otherwise met

We hope that you enjoy our commentaries, encourage you to participate, and are always open to ideas, questions and suggestions.

Daughter and Dad

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