Post Ironman: getting fat and rusty

So here we are, coming up to 6 weeks after Ironman Florida, heading into the Christmas season with over 2 weeks of travel beginning this Friday, with commensurate eating, drinking, and partying…fun 🙂

…not sure what I weigh these days…but a few pounds more than my racing weight…maybe quite a few…but not going to angst about it until we get onto the back-end of the holiday debauchery

Still ‘working out’ as opposed to ‘training’…just about every day…largely to burn some calories to keep the weight gain in check…my target is 1,000 calories a day exercise burn, so typically a 1 hour+ run, or 90 minutes on the bike…longer ride on Saturday…no swimming

…still adds up to 8-10 hours a week, 15-20 miles a week running, 70-100 miles biking, so around 7,000’ish+ calorie burn (2 pounds) a week

…adding some intensity into the workouts, but unstructured depending on how I feel on the day…

Post Ironman, I brought the exercise back up rather slowly…following my own advice

A few flat weeks in there, but nothing bad…running and biking back feeling ‘normal’ at this point…and just haven’t felt the motivation to get back in the pool…yet

Have had a busy work schedule for the past month that accelerates in January in advance of a large annual convention that’s a focal point for us, so I’m considering a ‘training’ hiatus into February…last year in January, by trying to crank up the training intensity in the midst of other life stressors, I pulled my hamstring…got sick for a week…improved, then tanked again…so may look to avoid all that this year

I do have Ironman Florida on the calendar again for 2012…my 6th Ironman…although haven’t really found a ‘goal’ for the race yet that’s lighting my fire…so still to be determined…updates to be posted as they occur 🙂


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