Ironman #5: 12:33:54…new PR by 24 minutes :)

Ironman #5 is in the books…12:33:54 🙂

New PR (Personal Record), improving on my 12:57:44 from 3 years ago.

…my race execution was tight, the numbers turned out in my goal range in each of the ‘disciplines’…nice

I’ll write a more detailed post in the next few days, but happy happy with the results on the day 🙂

Sadly, IronDaughter ended up developing stomach issues…became sodium/hydration depleted in the last part of the bike…took an extended time in T2 to see if she could get things back on track…headed out on the run for a couple of miles to see how things went…ended up walking…body/stomach just not cooperating on the day…so needed to pack it in…and come back and play another day…

…still a pretty solid workout, almost 10 hours of exercise back-to-back, combining a 2.4 mile ocean swim, 112 miles on a windy bike course, and a 2 mile run…not the ending that she was looking for…but it is just a race…and it just for fun

…I’m very proud of my daughter and the beautiful young woman that she is 🙂

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