beautiful day at Panama City Beach!

What a beautiful Sunday morning at the Ironman Florida race venue!

Looking up the beach towards the Ironman swim course, we see flat seas, a bit of wind on the flag, 49F so a bit of chill in the air, but a gorgeous morning.

…if today were Ironman, we’d all be thanking our lucky stars 🙂

Still too early to really get an idea of the weather 1 week away…particularly the surf conditions, but right now it looks great.

There were a couple of swimmers in the water this morning, moving their way slowly up the shoreline…that’ll be me later this morning for a scheduled 1 hour swim and 1 hour on the bike to dust off everything from travel yesterday.

My drive was uneventful…the best type…actually only took 9 hours including stops with Interstate traffic moving briskly most of the way.  When I drive I don’t like to stop…I just like to get there…so I took advantage of not having any passengers with a dissenting view…only one, 5 minute stop for gas, and then 20 minutes for groceries when I got into Panama City Beach…and there in time to see the sunset off the balcony of the condo…nice 🙂

It took me about an hour to get all my ‘stuff’ from the SUV, unpacked, groceries in and put away…cooked a lovely dinner featuring a tenderloin, salmon filet, and a couple of Fire Rock Pale Ale, looking at the ocean…and then went to pickup IronDaughter at the airport for her 10pm arrival.

Her flights were on time…bags arrived with her…so everything that you could ask of a travel day.

So here we are less than a week away from the BIG day.

Luckily wherever I’m sitting with my computer, an Internet connection, and phone, I can work seamlessly in any location…here I am setup with my second monitor, complete with ocean views and lobster decor…I usually use 4 monitors…I have the other 2 with me if I need them for more screen real estate to work with.

…’hopefully’ I’ll have a relaxed work week…email in the morning, but no specific meetings scheduled….I have a number of projects that I’d like to complete, get in a bit of training to keep the legs firing and ready, 3 swims in the Gulf, some quality time with IronDaughter…and as we get closer to the weekend, catchup with Iron friends as they start to roll into town.

IronDaughter has a couple of friends driving down from Toronto late in the week to join us for the race day and the weekend, so that’ll be a great addition to the festivities

…so add that all to the excitement and buzz of over 2,500 Ironman athletes in town, a fun, fun time

The rest is really up to Fortuna…our goddess of fate…everyone staying healthy…perfect conditions on race day

…by this time next week hopefully we’ll be having our morning coffee, looking at the ocean, grinning, and chattering incessantly about the great race day 🙂

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