Race day morning!

It’s 4am…first thing that we both did on getting up was go out to the balcony to look at the surf…still too dark to see anything…except the gentle swells onto the beach…they always _sound_ loud 🙂

…I’m still hopeful that the surf conditions will be calm’ish…they should be…there’s already a stiff wind from the North-east…this _should_ flatten the seas

…water and coffee to start the day

…the NE wind means that today’s bike ride will be reported as a windy one…this will mean slower times, but almost more importantly there will also be a tendency to push into that wind in the first half of the ride, since it will be in our face for most of the first 50+ miles.

..push too hard here, and the legs get cooked

…and not only will the ride get more difficult but the run will really suffer

…4:15 bathroom break…it’s great to be _regular_ on race day morning 🙂

…fruit smoothie and coffee

@ 5am will be last bathroom break, shower and out the door @ 5:15…15 minute walk down to the transition area, body marking, bathroom break, wetsuit on @ 6:00, walk down to the water…6:50 pro start…7:00 away we go 🙂

…so the plan is still the same…relax through the swim, _easy_ for the first 90-120 minutes on the bike…just accept the slower pace…up to race power for the balance of the ride…_easy_ for the first 6 miles of the run…pick it up to race pace…and hang on as long as the legs allow

…and with 8 miles to go, just git ‘er done 🙂

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