cramped week

short post…cramped week

…bike…training…wife…work…did that in alphabetical order 🙂

…my bike issue, although a happy ending, added some time pressure into this week…today I went to see Bruce Guild in Mooresville who had originally set me up with a Retul fit on my now defunct Cervelo

…since the frame crack was at the seat post I had a question about whether the seat had moved…and since I’ve been on the new Cobb V-Flow Plus saddle over the past 4 weeks, we’ve been tweaking it a bit to get it just right

…now on a new frame, I was interested to see what my fit looked like…now only 1 week out from Ironman not the best time to be playing with things…but here we are…_much_ better than trying to get my road bike setup correctly 🙂

…turns out we lowered the saddle a hair from where it was measured on my old frame…it does feel a bit different…rode 25 miles on it today…would have probably been nice to have a few 100 miles in the ‘final’ position…but here we are…1 week out…gears shifting a bit noisy, so I’ll put on another 20 miles tomorrow, have Cool Breeze take a quick look for a final adjustments, and then be done…well a 1 hour brick run just so that I don’t forget some of the final taper pieces in all the excitement

…so that’s it…ready to go

…well, not really ready to go…today was my packing day…that got shredded…so tomorrow (Friday) becomes an ultra-compressed day

…of course the smart news is that it’s compressed because I’m driving to Florida on Saturday, 1 week ahead of Ironman…so time to de-compress 🙂

…I pick up IronDaughter at the Panama City airport late Saturday night, swim in the Gulf on Sunday…and then wind it down/wind it up for the BIG day just over 1 week away

…oh yeah…the time period when _everyone_ is in angst about the weather and water conditions in the Gulf…I’ll setup a one-stop-shopping link to all the weather stuff once I get down there

…and yes…open house party at our condo on Thursday at 3pm at the Summit…walk over from there to the Athlete’s Banquet at 5pm…details coming, but if you’re down there, please put it on the calendar…of course we’re around all week, so for those other early arrivals, drop me a note to get together…I’ll add detailed contact info into the Charleston Area Ironman Florida 2011 Group, so go ahead and sign in if you haven’t already

…fun 🙂

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